Industrial Inspired Skillion Style Patio

Industrial Inspired Skillion Style Patio
Industrial Inspired Skillion Style Patio

Skillion style Patio structures are back in fashion as Perth’s home designs take inspiration from the clean lines of the 1970’s.

Austin Development have recently completed a number of backyard Gazebos, Cabanas, Pool huts, and Alfresco areas that incorporate the Skillion ‘flat roof’ design along with some new innovative building materials.

This amazing Patio in Trigg featured a variety of industrial influences with a steel universal beam column, Zincalume roof cladding and show line ply Timber paneling, which, provides an alternative option to the conventional Timber linings.

Poolside living has never been so apparent with structures like these that simply invite us to live outdoors. If this contemporary industrial styled patio inspires you to make changes to your outdoor living area then contact us today.

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